4 things to know before hiring a skip

Whether you are renovating your office space or extending your home, the masses of waste that get generated over time can be daunting. With queries on what is suitable for recycling and what requires a trip to the local waste centre, it can become overwhelming. If this situation seems relatable, it may be time to consider skip hire.

Beneficial for a number of reasons, disposing of your waste by use of a skip will allow you to free up your time, as well as space, whilst your waste is disposed of quickly, efficiently and correctly by a professional and experienced waste company.

Hiring a skip is a simple process, but there are 4 things you will want to know before you make that call. Allow us to walk you through them, granting you an overview into the facts around your upcoming skip hire.

When will you need a skip?

You will need to work out when exactly you will require a skip. Being prepared and planning ahead of time will ensure that you are provided with a skip of the best benefit to you. Last minute requests could face being turned down due to low availability, leaving you with a collection of waste that only takes up space on your land. Once you receive confirmation of a skip delivery, you can begin your renovations with confidence that you have a place for your waste to go.

What can go in a skip?

Hiring a skip can make the disposal of your domestic and commercial waste hassle-free. Whilst you may become comfortable with throwing waste materials and objects into the skip, it is important that you remind yourself on the do’s and don’ts on skip disposal. There are in fact a range of items which are considered hazardous waste which you must refrain from disposing in your skip. This includes televisions, paints and fridges.

What size skip will you need?

Calculating the size of the skip you’ll need before you begin creating waste will ensure you don’t get caught short, or lose out on space on your property due to an overflow of rubble, building materials or unused furniture. A professional may be able to accurately advise you on how much of your waste you could store into a skip, allowing you to plan for the most beneficial size.

Will you need a skip permit?

If you have a space large enough upon your premises to store your skip, you will not be required to obtain a permit. However, if your skip encroaches into public space, including the road, pavements or a carpark, you will be required to apply for one. This will need to be done through your local council and, as timeframes may vary between requesting and gaining a permit, you may want to do this before confirming a delivery slot for the skip. Prices may vary depending on size and location and you can seek advice from your skip hire company.

At Casey’s Skip Hire, we make domestic and commercial waste disposal simple. To enquire about hiring of one of our skips, or to find out if your waste is suitable for skip removal, get in touch – it’s simple! Give us a call on 0204 571 2427 and we will be happy to advise and assist.