Convenient wait and load skip hire

Our wait and load service provides a highly convenient and cost-effective way for customers to dispose of their waste when they lack the space, access, or permission needed for skip delivery. All our skip options can be hired on a wait and load basis, ensuring that everyone can receive the skip that best suits their requirements.

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How does wait and load skip hire work?

When you hire a skip on a wait and load basis, the driver will deliver your skip to your property, construction site, or chosen location and will wait while you load waste into the skip. Once the loading window is over and all your waste has been placed into your skip, it will then be taken away immediately to a waste transfer centre to be sorted and recycled.

Who is wait and load skip hire for?

Anyone is welcome to take advantage of our wait and load service if they wish. However, there are certain situations that this service particularly benefits:

Customers with limited space
If there is no space to store a skip at your property, wait and load allows you to remove waste quickly without needing to keep the skip in place.

Locations with limited access
If your skip cannot be delivered safely due to a lack of access to your property, wait and load provides a convenient workaround.

Locations without a skip licence
If you can’t obtain a skip licence, don’t wish to pay for one, or don’t have enough private land to store your skip on, wait and load will suit you perfectly.

Customers who need a quick turnaround
If you have a full load that is ready to be loaded into a skip, wait and load ensures it is cleared as quickly as possible. This is a popular option for construction waste.

Is wait and load skip hire the right choice?

Call 020 8683 2403 to speak to a member of our team and learn more about our wait and load skip hire service. We’re here to help however we can.

What can I put in a wait and load skip?

There is no difference between wait and load and delivery when it comes to what you can put in your skip. The main thing to bear in mind is that it pays to be organised so you can load your skip efficiently. However, there are certain items that cannot be disposed of in any of our skips, including:

Hazardous waste

Food waste


Will you need a skip permit for our wait and load service?

No, there is no need to obtain a skip licence because the skip won’t be left at your chosen location. This makes this service a great option for those who can’t obtain a skip licence or who prefer not to pay the cost involved in doing so.

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