The Carshalton Water Tower is a Victorian water tower and garden located at Pound St, Carshalton SM5 3PN. The surrounding area is also home to the Sutton Ecology Centre and Carshalton Park, which are both worth a visit. For a more intimate day out, head to the Victorian Grove Park, which is situated a few miles away.

The town of Carshalton is in south-west London, and is part of the London Borough of Sutton. The river, which flows through the town, provides the town with its name. In the middle of the village, a reservoir is home to the village’s picturesque Water Tower. It was originally part of Surrey until the early 19th century. It is located 9.5 miles from Charing Cross and lies in a valley near the river.

The town is known for its historical importance, and its many springs were the town’s original name. While the meaning of the word Carshalton is unclear, the element Aul is derived from the Latin aulus, meaning well, and tan, which means a farm. The word Cars is associated with the French word cress, which may refer to watercress, a type of flower. Browse around here. The village was also named after Thomas Fuller, a notable British poet.

The town is home to several grade II listed buildings. The oldest of these is the Carshalton Water Tower. The garden is located in a conservation area. The town is home to several Listed Buildings and Locally Listed Buildings. A short walk away is the Beeches Halt. Both the Park and the Beeches have lavender flowers, which are popular throughout the year.

The village has many green spaces and a water tower. Its park is situated south of the High Street and bounded by Ruskin Road, Ashcombe Road, and Woodstock Road. The park is part of the conservation area, and contains many of Dickinson’s art works. The town was named after the famous Victorian artist George Frederick Watts. It is the only town in the UK with an air tower and a historic garden.

The Carshalton Water Tower is a Grade II listed house. The building is located on the hillside, and dates back to the seventeenth century. The house has been extended over the years, and the Water Tower is a notable example of a late Victorian garden. It also houses the London Borough of Sutton Museum and a tea room. The site is a wonderful destination for families.