Chislehurst: A Blend of Rural Charm and Regal History in Greater London

Located on the south-eastern fringe of London’s urban sprawl, Chislehurst lies in the London Borough of Bromley and is approximately 10.5 miles southeast of central London.


Chislehurst’s history is rich and varied, dating back to its mention in the Domesday Book of 1086. The name Chislehurst is of Saxon origin and means ‘stony place’. The area was initially a stopping point for royalty and the wealthy en route to the coast. It was in the 19th century that Chislehurst transformed into the suburban area that it is today, with the arrival of the railway.

Things to Do & Places to Visit

Chislehurst is known for its abundance of green spaces. Chislehurst Common and Scadbury Park Nature Reserve are perfect spots for outdoor activities, from leisurely walks to active sports.

The Chislehurst Caves, a 22-mile network of tunnels dating back to the 13th century, are a must-visit. Used for various purposes throughout history, from chalk and flint mining to air-raid shelters during WWII, the caves offer guided tours that delve into their intriguing history.

Other notable attractions include the Chislehurst Golf Club, offering a challenging course within an idyllic setting, and the Bull’s Head pub, a local institution with a strong music heritage.

Famous/Notable Residents

Chislehurst has been home to various notable individuals throughout history. Perhaps most famously, it was the exile home of Napoleon III, Emperor of France, and his wife Eugénie after the Franco-Prussian War in 1870. Their residency has left a lasting impact, with local landmarks such as the ‘Prince Imperial of France’ pub and ‘Napoleon Lane’ bearing their legacy.

Best Schools/Education

Chislehurst boasts a range of excellent schools. The Farringtons School (go here), a co-educational independent school, and the Bullers Wood School (click to find out more) for Girls have impressive reputations. Edgebury Primary School is also highly regarded in the local community.

Local Amenities

Chislehurst offers a variety of local amenities. The high street features an assortment of shops, restaurants, cafes, and traditional pubs. Moreover, there are several supermarkets, medical facilities, and the Chislehurst Library, serving the everyday needs of the local community.

Transport Links

Chislehurst is served by Chislehurst railway station, providing regular train services to London Bridge, London Waterloo East, and London Charing Cross. The area is also well-connected via road, with easy access to the A20 and M25, and several bus routes offer links to neighbouring districts.

Chislehurst, with its unique blend of rural charm, royal history, and community spirit, is a delightful suburb. Its range of amenities, outstanding schools, and robust transport links make it an attractive residential area for families and individuals seeking a balance of country and city living.