Dorich House Museum London UK is a museum located on the grounds of Kingston University. This was the home of Russian Sculptor Dora Gordine and her husband. The house is only open on Thursdays and Fridays, with pre-booked visits available during the week. The museum is free to visit, but admission is free to Kingston University students. The house is also accessible by bus. The Dorich House is open Thursdays and Fridays.

The Dorich House Museum was once the studio of sculptor Dora Gordine, a scholar of Russian art and a passionate collector of modern art. The museum contains the largest collection of her work in the world. Her works are on display in her studio, which features a double-height space facing north over Richmond Park. The museum also displays a collection of Russian art. The interior is filled with works of art, including paintings, sculpture, and porcelain.

Dora and Richard Hare built their home on a prime location in London’s Richmond district. Check here. It was designed as a studio and was built on the plans of a surveyor and builder named Henry Cole. They married in November 1936 and named the house “Dorich”. The name ‘Dora’ is a conflation of the names Dora and Richard. The Dorich House was designed to complement Gordine’s interests in Russian art and literature.

The Dorich House Museum is a great place to see the art of Gordine and her husband. The house was recently restored by the architects David Brown and Partners and now contains the largest collection of the artist’s work. The museum also houses a collection of early work created in Paris and south-east Asia during their marriage. The roof terrace is a beautiful place to view the artworks inside the Dorich House.

The Dorich House Museum is a beautiful, unique place. The museum is a great place to visit for a family holiday or as a daytrip for an afternoon. During your visit, you’ll see the sculptor’s house, where her mother lived in the 1930s. It was designed by Dora Gordine and her husband, Richard Hare, who were French scholars. After their death, the Dorich House was purchased by Kingston University. Since then, it has been a fully accredited museum. Dorich House was used as a teaching space. Additional informative post about the area.

The Dorich House Museum is an excellent place to visit for those interested in Russian art and history. The museum is also home to the largest collection of works of the artist, Dora Gordine’s sculptures. She had her studio in this house, and the museum now houses a collection of these works. Dorich House is a must-see place in London, and it is worth a visit if you are in the neighborhood.