The Graffiti Tunnel is a pedestrian tunnel covered in graffiti and street art located at Leake St, London SE1 7NN. This is legal street art. It is a great way to pass the time on a weekend, or if you’re looking for a spot to paint. The murals on the walls are a wonderful way to add a bit of personality to the area. The Tunnel is accessible to everyone and a great place to get a little street art.

If you’ve ever walked through the graffiti tunnel, you’ve probably seen all kinds of graffiti. The artwork is incredible, with pieces of furniture and clothing scattered throughout. The area is also littered with graffiti from local residents. The murals are a tribute to people who have been affected by graffiti and have decided to leave their mark. The area is now being cleaned up by local council workers. A fantastic read.

The Graffiti Tunnel Thornton Heath is a beautiful piece of public art, a creative space to display the work of artists. The artworks on the walls are inspired by real world people and their surroundings. A trail can be found through the Graffiti Tunnel, and visitors can view the graffiti artworks and discover more about the artist. This is a great place for families to get together for a night out.

The Graffiti Tunnel is a great place to take photos of your favourite murals. You can also find some really cool stuff here, and the artists are happy to share their talents with others. There’s even a clock tower with an egg that you can’t resist taking pictures of. You’ll also find many other cool pieces of graffiti art here! You’ll be able to see something new every day, so you’re bound to find something unique.

Active. The tunnel was originally a small fly-tipping area that has been transformed into a graffiti home. During construction, it was difficult to keep the area clean, but the council did their part by removing the fly-tipping. The tunnel was opened on 28 January 2021, but there is already work to be done. Hopefully, the city will benefit from the graffiti. There are many places to view the artworks, and it’s an excellent place to explore with your family.

Now, it’s a graffiti art trail featuring everything you need to survive in the city. And if you’re looking for a place to take your kids to see amazing murals, then this might be the right place for you. It’s an adventure! The Graffiti Tunnel is the perfect place to have fun with the kids.