The immersive art installation, The Hive, is a sensory experience that combines sight and sound to depict the activity of bees. Located at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Broad Walk, Richmond TW9 3AB. Its immersive sight and sound experience will have you imagining how bees live and work. Intensely capturing and interpreting bee activity is not only fascinating, but will leave you inspired by the natural world around you. On the main page. Whether you prefer to explore by sight or listen to sound, you’re sure to enjoy the Hive.

Located in Richmond, The Hive is a fully immersive structure built of steel and aluminium. Extra resources. Designed by Wolfgang Buttress, The Hive is an excellent way to learn about the role of bees and the environment. The architecture of the Hive is very impressive and a fascinating look at the world of bees is a great experience for the whole family. The museum is open to the public and provides a fantastic educational experience.

The Hive Richmond UK is an interactive structure that is entirely made of aluminium and steel. The museum’s exhibits help visitors understand the importance of bee species. The structure’s interiors provide a 360-degree view of beekeeping. The experience is interactive and educational and encourages interaction. It also includes a work experience programme and a job club for people with learning disabilities. The interactive exhibits make the museum an enjoyable place to spend the day.