The Type Archive London UK is a museum that features artefacts that represent the legacy of English typefounding. Located at 100 Hackford Rd, Vassal, London SW9 0QU. Founded by Susan Shaw in 1992, the institution offers a glimpse into the history of English type, which has been used for over three centuries and in over 300 languages. The collection includes the work of renowned type foundries, including those from the late nineteenth century and the early twentieth century. A visit to the museum will allow you to appreciate the heritage of the English typefounding industry and appreciate how much it contributed to English culture.

The Type Archive was founded by Susan Shaw, a talented book designer, typographer, and letterpress printer. Her previous projects included the Roxburghe Club and Merrion Press. Browse around here. She was an inspiration to many and will be missed by her fans. However, the lack of qualified volunteers and experience has made it difficult for the Type Archive to grow. The museum is currently only open to the public on a limited basis, and the staff have implemented strict procedures to protect the archives’ holdings.

In 1992, the Museum opened as a non-profit organization. It is dedicated to preserving letterpress printing. The type that is exhibited at The Type Archive was manufactured by Monotype, the company that developed the system. This equipment was used to print large amounts of text and images. The museum’s collection contains some of the oldest, most valuable and most beautiful fonts. It is also home to a permanent exhibition of type reproductions.

The museum is a great place to view vintage typography. It also offers a unique collection of matrices. A reprinted edition of the book, for instance, was designed with Shaw’s cover design. The former teacher of the Monotype School will turn 96 years old in 2020. The Type Archive Museum is not only a museum, but a resource for colleges and universities. This place is not just an archive for old fashioned type. More helpful hints can be found here.

The Museum also features an exhibition of Berthold Wolpe’s art and work. This is a unique opportunity to see the collection of a renowned typographer. The exhibition will continue until 4 December. The museum is an educational resource for students and the general public. There are many other types of typography that will intrigue you. There is a great deal of history to discover at The Type Archive London UK and other types in the world.

The Monotype Collection is one of the largest collections of fine letterpress type. The archive’s collection contains materials from the famous Caslon Type Foundry. Justin Howes completed the cataloguing of this collection in 2005, funded by the Pilgrim Trust. In addition to the Stephenson Blake Collection, the Type Archive also houses a small private type manufactory. The two companies were partners and it is important to have the collection in the world.